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The ultimate goal
intentions create a brand, family "silver" the world.

Service brand
family "silver" the world.

Service concept
the customer is a loved one, the service is happy.

Today I am proud of the Yintian, and Yintian are proud of me.

employee satisfaction, surprise guests.

down to earth, vigorous and resolute.

Staff image
people are, doing things, the concept of new, fine business.

Talent concept

both ability and political integrity, eclectic, employing director, is the only move.

Yin Tian Hotel management policy
Strict, normative, fair and human.

Silver Sky Hotel team awareness
There is no good individual, only excellent team.

Silver Days Hotel conduct standards
To the customer to be dedicated to the enterprise to be loyal, to work hard, to their own self-confidence.

Yin Tian Hotel business philosophy
Customer-centric, market-oriented.

Yin Tian Hotel spirit of the enterprise
Unity, forge ahead, hard work, innovation.