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Chess Room

41 luxury chess room, located in the hotel two, six, seventh floor, bring you home like warmth and cozy. Chess room can enjoy green mountains and green water, view blue sky and white clouds.缷 to the city"s impetuous hustle and bustle, urban people can be among the chess in the search for fun, is your art, taste life, play the best place for life, bring you a comprehensive value of the music. Is the sixth floor of the hotel package days room mahjong machine to conduct a comprehensive update, the implementation of preferential bargain activities
Chess card whole day room: 480 yuan / room / day,tea is charged.
601 room: 1488 yuan / room / day, no discount, tea is charged.
622 room: 988 yuan / room / day, no discount,tea is charged.
Note: 1, complimentary breakfast coupons; 2, whole day room and luxury suites are with bed, to the next day 12:00 checkout
Hour room: Sunday to Thursday with window 50 yuan / hour, without windows 45 yuan / hour (minimum consumption of 300 yuan / room)
                 Friday and Saturday with windows 60 yuan / hour, without windows 55 yuan / hour (minimum consumption of 360 yuan / room)
Reservation Advisory: 0731-83688888-0600
Business hours: 24 hours a day business
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