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Foot bath center

Foot bath center is located in the hotel podium three, fourth floor, a total of 46 rooms, including five Thai massage room, nine health SPA room and 32 foot bath room, there is a 26-bit unique foot bath hall, Equipped with supreme foot bath, health foot massage, palace foot bath, Thai pine bone, twelve meridian physiotherapy SPA, the five elements of the spine Fang Spa and other services, is your leisure and health of the first choice
Chinese physiotherapy: 148 yuan / bell, VIProom 158 yuan / bell (80 minutes)
  Extreme foot bath: 138 yuan / bell,VIProom 148 yuan / bell (80 minutes)
  Health foot massage: 128 yuan / bell,VIProom 138 yuan / bell (80 minutes)
  Traditional Chinese medicine massage: 148 yuan / bellVIProom 158 yuan / bell(70 minutes)
  Twelve meridian treatment SPA: 238 yuan / bell (80 minutes)

  Five elements of the ridge spa SPA: 298 yuan / bell (80 minutes)

  Warm moxibustion foot path:178 yuan / bell (90 minutes)

  Acupressure meridians :198 yuan / bell (90 minutes)

  Micro project series:

  Sterile pedicure: 58 yuan /once.

  Clean ear picking: 58 yuan/once.

  Cupping: 58 yuan/once.

  Gua Sha: 58 yuan/once.

Recharge card (Foot Bath Card) to enjoy the gift:
1. First charge: charge 1,000 yuan to send 160 yuan, charge 2000 yuan to send 400 yuan, 5,000 yuan to send 1,200 yuan, charge 10,000 yuan to send 2800 yuan.
2. Renew charge: charge 1000 yuan to send 200 yuan, charge 2000 yuan to send 500 yuan, 5000 yuan to send 1500 yuan, charge 10,000 yuan to send 3800 yuan.

Recharge activities:
1. Charge 1000 yuan to send a second floor chess room, limited to four hours (excluding tea),Valid for 15 days.
2. charge 2,000 yuan to send KTV value of 300 yuan vouchers one (not matching package costs),Valid for 15 days.
3. charge 5000 yuan to send chess card room a room (excluding tea) and KTV value of 300 yuan vouchers one (not matching meal costs)

Booking Advisory 0731-83688888-5080
Business hours 11:00 am - 01:00 am the next day
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